PMI DAY and ORIENTAINSEGNANTI: a day of cultural sharing among enterprise, school and research

On November 2014th  we have had the pleasure of being protagonist of two cultural initiatives in cooperation with Unindustria Treviso and ENEA, agency for new technologies, energy and environment.

The PMI DAY, national day of the small and medium enterprises of Confindustria gave us the chance of hosting the students of the I.S.A. Palladio of Treviso.

PMI DAY 2014 Treviso - SAC Serigrafia - Istituto Palladio

During the afternoon in Palazzo Giacomelli, representative site of Unidustria Treviso, we have been among the speakers of the conference about Sensors and nanotechnologies, from the research of the enterprises to the teaching, explaining how the nanotechnologies can be applied in the screen printing world.

Unindustriamoci - PMI Day 2014 - SAC-Serigrafia

What a couple of years ago looked like a scientific revolution has become now a component of our screen printing solutions:  thanks to special screen printing inks containing nanotechnologies it is possible to improve the functional performances and at the same time to satisfy the aesthetical needs.