Screenprinting 4.0: more efficiency, more advantages

More efficient management, more accurate quotes, market-oriented performances: these are only some of the advantages of Industry 4.0 applied to industrial productive systems.

The results? They are already reality.

screenprinting 4.0


The production of screen printing products requires the use of specific machines and different techniques, each one with different procedures and delivery times.

This complexity is needed to produce the multiple technical solutions and aesthetic effects that create the unique world of screen printing.

Thanks to the adopted principles of Lean Production, in affect from 2011, we have benefited from a clear improvement in terms of order and process control.

Now with Industry 4.0, we are in a new phase of efficiency.


screenprinting company vertical warehouses

The revolution 4.0 in SAC Serigrafia has involved the entire company on many fronts:

  • Soft Skills – All our employees attend developmental courses on varied themes. The transversal competences are in fact necessary in the age of Industry 4.0, but professional and personal improvement is also a crucial factor for a continued growth!
  • Vertical Warehouses – SAC Serigrafia is equipped with 4 vertical storages: for the raw materials, the inks and finished products. A true revolution in the management of storage and interdepartmental organisation. Less risk of errors and more speed: each piece has its own code and with just one click it can be stored or retrieved.
  • Management SystemCRM, the latest management system, MES: from production to sales, it’s all connected, times and costs are quantifiable, and the answers are available in real time.


The first main advantage for us comes from the coordination between departments: in fact the organisation of the orders improves in the sales department, but also in the management of the production for the production manager. This is also true for awareness of production costs and lead times.

Also considering the strong artisan aspect of our work and the impossibility of defining a single production line, thanks to new systems and Big Data, we are now able to obtain details of a clear representation of the processes in operation.

For our clients, all this adds up to:

  • faster lead times;
  • accurate quotes;
  • precise financial reports and documents;


The future? It’s robotic!

With an objective to obtain a greater flexibility in the management of our processes and reduce repetitive movements, in the future the operator will work alongside a collaborative robot.

Faster, less strenuous, giving more time to concentrate on the artisan aspect and human values, that in screen printing still make a difference!