Thick labels in polyurethane: green and original!

The thick polyurethane label is a product perfected by SAC Serigrafia as a green solution for your logos, slogans and decorative inserts.

It represents an elegant and modern alternative to resin labels and requires a simpler work process than needed for high relief emblems.

Lacking phthalates, it also conforms to the new regulations on materials used in certain sectors of the marketplace (such as the shoe and fashion industry), therefore it is a sustainable alternative to the classic PVC sticker.

thick label without phthalates polyurethane


thick label with lens effect

Thick labels in polyurethane are created with a 1mm thick polyurethane film (which can be reduced to 0.5mm) on which the print is made.

To be clear, we are not talking about an innovative or complicated technology, but an option that we believe could be interesting for companies looking for new aesthetic solutions for their brand.

The aesthetic result is outstanding:

  • the printed graphics are enhanced by the thickness of the material;
  • The cut of the sticker creates a squared effect which is admired;
  • Being a soft material, the thick label also stands out on curved surfaces.



thick label with 3D effectThe thick labels in polyurethane can reproduce complex graphics with Pantone colours, even with a captivating 3D effect.

The specific finish of the thick polyurethane label gives a lens effect to the sticker but brings out to the maximum the shininess of the colours.

In other words, the brilliance of the colours, a characteristic of screen printing, is furtherly enhanced by the transparent and shiny effect of the polyurethane.

The only limit is that it is impossible to use metallic colours. In this case other solutions exist, such as the high relief emblem or the Metal Sticker.


The thick polyurethane label can be used in the same environments as emblems and resin labels, excluding external use.

Other than the shoe and fashion industries, it can be an outstanding solution as a thick logo for visual displays (on stands or pop up displays) or for electrical appliances.

Its characteristic – as we have said – is to offer a new aesthetic solution still not commonly seen.

The ideal solution for those who are looking for a screen-printed product capable of making your sticker stand out from the crowd.

If this solution is right for you or if you want to know more,