Front Panels by SAC Serigrafia

The classic screen printed  front panels have evolved. And they continue to do so.

The development of new solutions to respond to technical performances goes along with the search for aesthetic quality, values that are now inseparable and essentials. 

The final aim is no longer the simple coverage of electronic parts, but the creation of components combined with the design of the product and at the same time capable of offering excellent durability performance over time.

front panels wood


front panels buttons in reliefEveryone is looking for front panels that offer an extreme resistance to wear and tear and obviously no producer likes the idea of a worn-out panel after only a few years.

Often it is also the destination environment that presents extreme conditions. Hence the need to have panls resistant to:

  • atmospheric agents
  • mechanical stress
  • chemical agents
  • wear and tear due to pressing of buttons


Certainly, every sector has specific needs: for example, front panels for industrial dishwashers or professional kitchens of the Ho.Re.Ca sector must be resistant to puffs of heat, high temperatures, steam, etc. Similar characteristics are also required in the hot/cold sector, e.g. front panels for boilers and thermostats.

A front panels for medical equipment or hospital furniture may require an aesthetic component, such as wood effect to fit in with the rest of the furniture, as well as technical functionality. 

The latest innovation introduced by SAC Serigrafia are front panels with antimicrobial action, ideal for the medical sector but also relevant to many other sectors. 


front panels resin coated buttonsNot only functionality, but a fine aesthetic too. Along with the evolution of technical performance, SAC Serigrafia has also aimed to expand the range of decorative possibilities.

It is possible to create front panels with: 

  • Pantone colours
  • RAL colours
  • Sample colours
  • Metal, gloss, matt, florescent effects
  • Chrome finishes in different grades
  • Material textures: carbon, brushed aluminium, wood, ecc.


It is possible to achieve additional aesthetic characteristic combining different technologies: such as a front panel with your logo in an eye-catching metal sticker, high relief emblem or resin label. Panels with resin coated buttons have also a great captivating effect.


Our added value are our technical solutions.

SAC Serigrafia is able to identify and suggest the best printing methods, production techniques, correct type of adhesive and material, on the basis of:

  • specific applications
  • requested performance
  • target price
  • production volume


Experience in developing alternative solutions goes hand in hand with the quality sought in the final product: for example, the perfect centering of the print, a high attention to detail, etc.

And of course, with plenty of services offered by SAC Serigrafia, we are able to make our clients save time and energies, often anticipating their needs: e.g. personalised delivery for clients with Kanban warehouse or specific production line needs.