SAC Serigrafia for the Ho.Re.Ca. world

The experience of SAC Serigrafia in the Ho.Re.Ca. industry began many years ago and developed over time with lots of products and solutions.

From front panels to relief emblems, from Metal Stickers to warning labels.

The most common applications of our screen-printed products for Ho.Re.Ca. include many machines and restaurant equipment: coffee machines, mixers, refrigerators, ovens and appliances for professional kitchens.

In SAC Serigrafia, technical research – focused on ensuring the best grip and resistance to external agents – has always been combined to the study of enriching aesthetical solutions.

Speaking of solutions, this October we will have the opportunity to finally share some of them!

SAC Serigrafia at the Host Fair in Milan 

screen printing Ho.Re.Ca. HostMilano

We always happily take part to the HostMilano fair.

Right there, back in 2017, we introduced together with our client Tecfrigo a new refrigerated counter with a tactile-effect coating, featuring customizable textures: marble, wood, etc.

We’ll be there also this year and we cannot wait for it, after all this social distancing!

SAC Serigrafia will be attending HostMilano 2021 Fair (Pad. 2P, stand F19) together with its solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca. world.

Particularly, we choose to focus on three technologies that – in our opinion – can make the difference in the industry at this very moment:

  • Punched Labels: these are the low-cost alternative to the relief emblems, but have those “wow” effects that can make the difference in a logo, starting from the relief effect. They are ideal for thick logos and, thanks to the high endurance and resistance to extreme temperatures, they are perfect for professional kitchens.
  • Chromyflex: it’s an original and smart solution. It offers the elegance of the Metal Sticker, but with more choice of performing adhesives and it offers excellent resistance to extreme temperatures. The aesthetical possibilities go from shiny effects, metallized or Pantone, to texture effects. Moreover, the Chromyflex has the advantage of being produced as a tag or as a pre-spaced label.
  • Touch Label: it’s a self-adhesive sticker with tactile relief It’s an elegant solution, discreet but absolutely cost-saving. It can be combined with performing adhesives and it offers an excellent resistance to frequent washing. 

What else to say?

See you at HostMilano from October 22nd to October 26th 2021!