3D Labels

Accessory labels with depths, bidimensional and scrolling 3D effects


Our 3D labels can be used as a very innovative fashion accessory and as a good alternative to the traditional sewing as embellishment. It is well suited to enrich any logo where creativity and amazement represent the character of the brand itself.
It is possible to reproduce several 3D effects like depth, bi-dimensional levels and scrolling, or to combine these effects together by means of transparent materials and screen printing colours.


Materials: Poliurethane
Dimensions: Up to 150X150 mm
Thickness: min 0,5 mm  – max 1 mm
Finish: Any colour on clear material, at least 2 colors are necessary to create the tridimensional effect on the background
Printable Colours: Pantone, RAL, sample matching colours
Applications: self-adhesive for indoor applications. Suitable alfo for sewing as fashion accessory
Resistance to: Weathering, chemical agents, mechanical stress
Packaging: Standard: weather-resistant and suitable for transportation.
Custom made packaging is possible on demand.
Certifications: Certifications: ISO 9001, compliance with REACH & ROHS standards, LEAN PROGRAMME