Printing on Wooden Surfaces

Screen printing on wooden surfaces for reproduction of decorations and special effects


Single or multicolor screen printing on wooden surfaces allows to recreate decorations and special effects and can also be used to replace inlays or assembled components wherever a flawless aesthetic result has to be achieved.

Materials: Wooden surface provided by the client
Dimensions: Up to 2500 x 1100 mm. Bigger dimensions might be also possible upon artwork checking
Thickness: Depends on the wooden support
Finish: Chrome and its gradations, multicolor, metal colors, matt and glossy finish
Printable Colours: Pantoni, Ral and sample matching colors
Applications: For indoor/outdoor applications and for extreme weather conditions
Resistance to: Weathering, chemical agents, mechanical stress
Packaging: Standard: weather-resistant and suitable for transportation.
Custom made packaging is possible on demand
Certifications: ISO 9001, compliance with REACH & ROHS standards LEAN PROGRAMME,