3D Stickers

Stickers with 3D effects distinguish and animate logos or details and have multiple uses. For fashion accessories the inserts can be sewn or thermally attached.


  • 3D: to animate or give depth to graphics
  • Changing: also called Flip or Hologram, the lenticular effect allows you to see alternating images
  • Scrolling
  • A mix of these effects with colours and transparencies


  • Solutions resistant to aggressive agents, such as mastic or other glues
  • Conforming to fashion sector regulations: in polyurethane without phthalates


Size:Up to 150X150 mm.
Thickness:min 0,5 mm – max 1 mm.
Printable colours:Pantone, RAL, sample matching colours.
Applications:Adhesives for indoor applications. Applications for fashion accessories.
Packaging:Standard: weather-resistant and suitable for transportation. Custom-made packaging is possible on demand.

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