Self-Adhesive Stickers

Self-adhesive stickers – aesthetic stickers, for technical or safety information – are screen printed of created with a combination of different techniques.

They guarantee an excellent resistance to the outside elements. Together with the client, SAC Serigrafia can choose the best materials based on laboratory tests.


  • A never-ending combination of colours


  • Screen printing, four-colours process or a mix of different techniques
  • Materials and printing that lasts up to 10 years
  • Resistant to the outside elements
  • Reproduction of complicated graphics
  • Antibacterial Action


Materials:Pvc, Polyester, Polypropylene
Size:Up to 2500X1100 mm.
Thickness:min 0,080 mm.
Printable colours:Pantone, RAL, sample matching colours.
Applications:Adhesives for indoor/outdoor applications and for extreme conditions.
Packaging:Standard: weather-resistant and suitable for transportation. Custom-made packaging is possible on demand.

Would you like to create a personalised Self-adhesive sticker?