H-Profile Stickers

High profile stickers are a low-cost alternative to high relief emblems. EFFECTS Multicolour combinations Various finishes: opaque, shiny, satin, glossy, etc. High and low relief 3D effects FEATURES Ideal solutions with a high-quality look but not for extreme conditions. TECHNICAL INFO Do you need more information about this technology? Would you like to create a […]

Print on Leather

Sac Serigrafia Stampa su pelle

Screen printing on leather allows you to highlight logos, create decorations or other enhancements. SAC Serigrafia can run technical tests with inks to verify the level of compatibility with materials supplied by the client. EFFECTS Reproduction of graphics and decorations FEATURES Excellent adhesion, also after further processes, such as embossing Can adapt to the client’s […]

Glass, Plexiglass & Plastic

SAC Serigrafia creates prints on glass, plexiglass or plastic, personalised and in large formats. The screen printing is applied directly to the surface. EFFECTS Printing of any graphics or decoration FEATURES Resistance to extreme temperatures Resistance to mechanical stress Guaranteed adhesion to the surface TECHNICAL INFO Would you like to create a personalised print on […]

Relief Emblems

High relief emblems are an alternative process to injection moulded badges with beautiful high-quality results. EFFECTS Multicolour combinations and multi-textures Various finishes: opaque, shiny, satin, glossy, etc. Realistic looks: e.g. chrome, carbon, wood, marble, etc. High and low relief 3D effects FEATURES Reproduction of complex designs Clarity and excellent resistance of colours Application on curved […]

Insert Mold & In Mold Decoration

Insert Mold & In Mold Decoration technologies consists of printing a decoration during the manufacturing process: the injection of the thermoplastic component and the graphics are combined in one step, with a considerable reduction to costs and production time. FEATURES Monochromatic and colour finishes Production of single decorations or complex graphics PERFORMANCE Durability Resistance to […]

Front Panels

Front panels to cover electronics bring together functionality and aesthetics. To guarantee a perfect integration between product design and an extreme resistance to use. EFFECTS Textured materials: carbon, brushed aluminium, wood, etc. Unusual coloured finishes It is possible to combine front panel stickers with other print technology – metal stickers, relief emblem or resin labels […]

Resin Labels

Resin labels are ideal to highlight a logo or a particular detail and to create a 3D lens effect. The right graphic design and control in the production stage guarantee the quality of the final product. EFFECTS Bubble lens effect over the whole sticker or just on a detail Combinations of Pantone or graphic colour […]

3D Stickers

Stickers with 3D effects distinguish and animate logos or details and have multiple uses. For fashion accessories the inserts can be sewn or thermally attached. EFFECTS 3D: to animate or give depth to graphics Changing: also called Flip or Hologram, the lenticular effect allows you to see alternating images Scrolling A mix of these effects […]

Metal Sticker

The Metal Sticker allows you to create thin and complex graphics or logos, such as micro decorations. EFFECTS A chrome mirrored effect, with a superior shine compared to other types of printing Singular Pantone colours on a chrome background FEATURES Ideal for micro applications TECHNICAL INFO Do you need more information about this technology? Would […]

Punched Labels

Impression printing stickers are ideal to highlight and create raised details to writings, logos, etc. They are a cost saving alternative to high relief emblems if you are looking for a sticker with a relief effect. EFFECTS Complex relief effects Combinations of chrome/metallics finishes and Pantone colours FEATURES Durability Accurate alignment and definition of reliefs […]