Insert Mold & In mold decoration

Insert Mold & IMD technologies consist in integrated decorations in the injection mold process. The plastic component and the desired graphics are combined together into a unique production step thus reducing the costs effectively.


These technologies make possible the decoration of plastic parts during the injection process inside the mold without any further production steps.
It is possible to create unlimited surface decorations like multicolor and complex graphics.
The finished part is weather and scratch resistant being the graphic “trapped” inside the injected plastic.
Since the plastic components gets printed during the injection process all the warehousing and assembling costs are effectively reduced and no further production steps are required.

Materials: inks, sheets and injection resin according to project specifications.
Dimensions: as per project specifications.
Finish: one-color, multicolor, simple and complex graphics .
Printable Colours: Pantoni, Ral and sample matching colors.
Resistance to: Light weathering conditions, chemical agents, mechanical stress
Packaging: Standard: weather-resistant and suitable for transportation. Custom made packaging is possible on demand.
Certifications: Certifications: ISO 9001 and ISO TS, compliance with REACH & ROHS standards, Lean programme