Are You Looking For An Aesthetic Solution?
We can offer you a never-ending range of effects and solutions to create added value to your brand.
Are You Looking For A Technical Solution?
Thanks to our ongoing research and experience we can create the right solutions for your needs.
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Do You Want To Save Time And Energy?
We will listen to you, offer the right personalised solutions and even pre-empt your needs!


Research, experience and innovation. Technology at the service of needs.

When The Solution Is Technical

We are constantly looking for the best materials and printing methods to offer the right solutions for the needs of our clients. No technique is too complex.



Personalisation, differentiation, these are our watchwords.

Or Co-Design

We offer a wide range of products and every result is always unique, because it is conceived from a creative dialogue and the desire to differentiate, working closely with the client.



Our care for the environment is also in our products!

The Search For Sustainability

Mercury free resins, stickers without plastic additives, an increasingly eco-friendly production: every year we aim to reduce our impact on the environment and that of our products.


SAC Serigrafia is more than just its products and solutions.
It is also services, attention to detail and working methods
Certified to guarantee a positive experience
before and after purchasing.