When you are looking for a more aesthetic and captivating solution than the classic plate, a pre-spaced logo is the answer.

It’s a label with separate characters that makes your logos lighter and more elegant and it is without doubt the best choice when you want to give visibility to your brand, without taking too much attention from the surrounding product.

On the contrary, this type of screen printed product offers innumerable aesthetic effects that allow the logo to perfectly integrate with the surrounding styles and decorations, also as a decorative insert.

SAC logo prespaced relief emblem brand aesthetic


Not just aesthetic – a pre-spaced logo can respond to different requirements in different business sectors:

Logos with pre-spaced characters for the foodservice sector: here the requirement is for brand equipment or products of the restaurant industry, guaranteeing at the same time heat and mechanical stress resistance, such as cleaning.

Adhesive logos for the spirits sector: it is the ideal choice for premium products (eg. Limited editions or specials reserves) with the aim of highlighting the logo or the name of the liqueur making it stand out from the rectangular paper sticker. A pre-spaced logo must also guarantee resistance to temperature and direct contact with alcohol.

Pre-spaced logos for the industrial sector and machinery: in this case the requirement is to guarantee extreme resistance to temperature, chemical and mechanical stress, without losing the aesthetic component, such as writings or logos with a three-dimensional effect. A small print run can also be considered. 

Pre-spaced logos for the automotive industry: for this sector the driving force is aesthetics. All materials must obviously conform to the cert. IATF 16949 and guarantee resistance to changes in temperature and outdoor elements. 

Pre-spaced logos for the electronics sector: these stickers have to assure a hold also in the case of unusual surfaces and resist outdoor elements.


The final result is an elegant, eye catching, pre-spaced logo, but the techniques to get to this result vary depending on the needs of aesthetics, resistance or budget:

A HIGH RELIEF EMBLEM: guarantees superior aesthetics – for example with a shiny or opaque effect – together with a greater thickness and an excellent resistance to temperature, exteranl use and stress.

metal stickers logo prespaziato sottile microdecorazione elegante SAC SerigrafiaMETAL STICKER: this technology allows us to create pre-spaced logos that are thin and elegant, as well as micro decorations with very high definition.

A THICK STICKER: is an economical solution than emblems, however still maintaining great performance and offering a greater thickness than the metal sticker. In addition to the classic sticker in PVC, we have recently introduced a green alternative: the polyurethane label that contains no phthalate esters.

RESIN LABEL: assures a shiny, very brilliant finish and a convex “lens like” effect.



The experience of SAC Serigrafia allows us to make a difference not only in the advice we can give, but above all in finding the beyond-standard solutions.

A recent challenge we overcame was connected to the hold of a high relief text on a critical surface (non consistent). As often happens, the final result was achieved with a mix of techniques and different materials, after various evaluations and prototypes.

If you want to create a pre-spaced logo for your brand and put us to the test,