Thousand of effects with screen printing

Year after year, new screen-printing effects are created, so many it is nearly impossible to keep up with industrial screen printing evolution if you are not in the business.

Technologies and techniques evolve to respond to new trends and aesthetic needs, but the purposes of the screen-printing inserts and decorations remain the same: diversify, amaze, distinguish!

With this article, we want to make a small recap of some old and new screen-printing effects, for those who aren’t aware of them or are seeking inspiration.



One of the benefits of screen-printing products is the vividness of the colours, but nobody ever speaks of the chromatic richness that can be achieved though the screen printing.

Whatever is the Pantone colour, whatever is the desired effect, it is possible to create an endless chromatic combination, made even more attractive by textures and finishes: glossy, matt, satin, glitter, etc.

Effetti Cromatici della Serigrafia


Screen printing technologies today allow us to faithfully reproduce an infinite quantity of materials, on an aesthetic and tactile level.

From a classic wood effect to metal, from marble to unusual textures like leopard print or speckled pattern.

Serigrafia Effetto Legno

The result is now hyper realistic, with the possibility to add these effects to any chromatic finish for a further personal touch.


From a few millimetres to an higher thickness, it is possible to give depth and movement to logos and decorative inserts in an extremely personalised way.

Serigrafia ad effetto rilievo

With a relief emblem it is possible to reproduce attractive effects of low and high relief, that can customise a whole plate, single pre-spaced letters or specific areas.

Serigrafia ad effetto rilievo


The metal sticker is the highest expression of this chrome effect.

No other technology or finish can return the same mirrored and shiny effect that can be made with this screen-printing technique.

The combination of the metallic effect with one more colour is highly appreciated, as much as the contrast between shiny finish and texture.

Etichetta ad effetto metallo. Metal Sticker


The 3D effect is one of the latest trends in the fashion industry. From heels with a three-dimensional effect to details on sneakers or bags: it truly is 3D mania!

Etichetta in serigrafia ad effetto 3D

This is thanks to the giant leaps made by this technology in the last few years and thanks to the aesthetic and eye-catching results.

What else can we say?
To keep up with all these innovations is not easy.

If you want to have an overview about new screen-printing effects or to discover what would work for your needs, contact us!