Emblems and stickers for visual displays

Emblems and stickers for visual displays have now reached an incredible level of aesthetics beyond compare.

Their role often isn’t limited to a simple decoration, but aims to elevate the final design of the product, with that eye-catching “wow effect” so sought-after by the fashion, cosmetics and jewellery sectors.

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The evolution of technology today allows us to achieve multiple results:

  • Unlimited aesthetic results

  • Perfect integration with the product’s design

  • The ability to reproduce physically complex logo designs

  • Exclusive aesthetic textures and effects

  • The ability to adapt to different surfaces; curved or flat, in plastic, wood, cardboard or fabric

  • Eco-friendly materials: in polyurethane without phthalates (compared to PVC)

Among the most sought-after decorative elements for visual displays, without doubt metal stickers and high relief emblems stand out from the crowd.


metal sticker metallic label visual displayThe metal sticker, or metal tag, is a technology developed for the Luxury Packaging sector and maybe the most sought-after sticker for visual displays.

It’s ideal for logos or products names, or to give emphasis to a detail: it allows you to create micro metallic decorations that go beyond the dimensional limits of other cut-out techniques and processes and it offers a level of brilliance that other printing techniques can’t give.

The mirror effect can be enhanced even further with metallic finishes like gold, rose gold, copper or brass.

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high relief emblem visual display SAC SerigrafiaWhen the purpose is to decorate a product with unusual surprising design details, nothing beats a high relief emblem.

The current technology allows you to create emblems for products with graphic effects, with truly captivating sensory materials.

Yes to the maximum chromatic freedom, yes to an elaborate low-high relief effect, yes to a finish and texture able to reproduce any graphics or material, from wood to marble.

A high-relief emblem for visual displays can really offer the best of the “extraordinary” aesthetic effects feasible with screen printing!


high relief sticker visual display SAC SerigrafiaIf you need to create a thick sticker that is able to adapt to curved surfaces and has an optimal aesthetic output, the answer is a high relief sticker.

It is a flexible sticker, printable in colours with complex graphic effects, which represent the evolution of the now obsolete resin labels.

They allow you to cut costs and production time, and their squared effect is definitely appreciated!

Up to this point, we have introduced you to the main screen printing products for stickers for visual displays.

For “solutions”, technical and aesthetic, you can count on the experience of SAC Serigrafia