Antibacterial self-adhesive stickers and front panels

SAC serigrafia antimicrobial antibacterial panels self-adhesive stickersAfter the COVID-19 emergency and also for the following months, attention to hygiene safety will continue to be a priority.

Putting ourselves in our clients shoes, as we always do, we have decided to study and develop a solution to guarantee that our screen printing products have a greater hygienic standard, above all for surfaces that receive greater contact.

It’s a solution aimed specifically towards the hospital or Ho.Re.Ca. sectors, but applicable in many other environments.


The implementation allows to inhibit the growth of microbes on surfaces, guaranteeing a constant protection against contamination of fungi and bacteria.

Therefore, from today it is possible to have adhesive stickers and front panels with an antimicrobial action – conforming to the ISO standard 22196.

This implementation joins the spectrum of technical solutions developed over the years by SAC Serigrafia.

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