Screen Printing Techniques And Products

Choosing screen printing means counting on a range of unlimited colours, materials, forms and finishes, and the possibility to creating unique combinations.

Choosing SAC Serigrafia means you can count on a company able to condense these unlimited possibilities into personalised proposals and explanations, in line with your need of style, planning and budget.


Beautiful results beyond compare and multiple effects: from high or low relief to different colour combinations and textures. To differentiate with style.


From classic plastic-coated stickers to innovative 3D or elegant metal effect stickers. Key word: personalisation.

Panels And Plaques

Where technical performance meets aesthetics, the results are astonishing and long-lasting, thanks to the evolution in materials and performance.

Printing On Different Materials

Printing on different materials with beautiful results, and with all the advantages of screen printing in terms of performance and longevity.

INSERT MOLD & In Mold Decoration

For decorating thermoplastic components, an innovative and cost saving technology, developed in the automotive industry for various applications.